Digital Asset Growth

The Netdex blockchain leverages the following characteristics:

  1. Digital assets generation mechanisms that include

  • Staking Hub NFT rewards with up to 0.5% daily APR in the first year following purchase and an optional auto compounding mechanisms

  • Automated stake of EXS to receive xEXS interest incentives (via a DEX)

  • Yield Farming of EXS in Liquidity Pool pairs

  • Rewards for running a validator node – attractive APY with rewards

    correlated with the locking period

  • Delegation of EXS coins to decentralized validators

A major advantage of Netdex is its capability to remove points of central control in the form of intermediaries, and barriers to entry, which are standard in the traditional centralized financial sector – while at the same time leveraging the multiple advantages of DeFi. Netdex will empower traditional banking clients to benefit from the new digital assets growth streams enabled by blockchain financial instruments.

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