Building Reputation

The single most important, yet intangible, property that an ecosystem such as Netdex must build is its reputation (see also Section 2.5; Blockchain Challenges). The quality of the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX), the transaction speed of the blockchain itself, and the native dApps that are provided to support the community – all of these play into the ecosystem's reputation build.

The Netdex Foundation is committed to the principle that this reputation must be cultivated from the instant the brand is made available to the community.


To ensure that such expectations are met early, the ecosystem will launch with a vast and complete palette of stable native L1 dApps and decentralized digital asset instruments. This will ensure that the majority of the digital asset use cases provided by the blockchain are supported.


The deployment pipeline aims to deploy a new stable dApp at least once every two quarters; see Section 7 for the Roadmap. The launch-level or Minimal Viable Product Netdex Platform will offer a complete pool of dApp products, including:

  • Auto-compounding Staking Hub NFb

  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

  • Cross Chain Bridges

This suite of tools is and the upcoming roadmap releases are available on the Netdex Foundation’s website, under section Roadmap

Digital Wallet and EXS Emissions

In addition to the dApps and digital asset services, the project will provide digital wallet support for the EXS coin and the most relevant and established blockchains and provide a state-of-the-art block explorer to keep track of the tokenomics emission supply and all the transactions that occur on the Netdex blockchain.


Initially, the Netdex foundation will run 10 validator nodes in geographically distributed locations to secure the network, as well as a separate scalable RPC API layer to provide a smooth and low latency connection to the network for the users’ crypto wallets and different distributed applications.

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