Engaged Wider Community

In addition to the developer community and crypto enthusiasts, there are users who simply want to collect valuable NFTs that can be displayed in NFT museums or be used as avatars with collectible items in multiple metaverses.

While these users may also emerge from the tech-literate community, NFT trading has a low barrier to entry.

Other users seek DeFi solutions to borrow funds or enjoy virtual gambling in lotteries and virtual casinos. A subset of users, primarily millennials, want to participate in high-tech VR metaverse games.

The ecosystem will be designed in such a way that every single component will be easy to grasp, even for those users that will access decentralized services for the first time. Netdex will not have any barriers to entry regarding who can use the platform.

It is the Netdex Foundation's ambition to build a brand that is attractive to all users across this wide tech-literacy range. Thanks to Netdex Foundation and the Netdex Grants Foundation Committee, Netdex will be the entity that brings together all these groups and creates a very active and involved decentralized community.

Encouraging Participation – Whatever a User's Tech Level

For those who own fewer coins or are not an expert in running the network nodes in the distributed systems, there is an option to participate in securing the network. They can delegate their stake to a validator node to be rewarded. The minimum stake for delegation is 100 EXS; see more in Section 4.5 Validator Reward Program.

A Self-Governing Ecosystem

In a few years, when there are enough decentralized validator nodes, Netdex will be positioned to migrate its governance into a fully managed community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will address the needs of millions of users, community members, and developers.

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a decentralized organization whose governance rules are automated and immutably and transparently written into a blockchain. The benefits of a community- driven DAO are unlike those of traditional community platforms. These include:

  • All governance decisions are transparent and auditable

  • No one entity or sub-group can shut down or close a DAO

  • No one person or organization can control the governance process

A DAO offers, arguably, one of the greatest possible outcomes of distributed ledger technology: empowering the community to work within common and shared goals, and operate with a genuine, flat hierarchy. In short, the DAO governance mechanism is fully democratized, transparent, and automatic.

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